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Abramelin Oil: The formula for this oil is said to have been obtained from a medieval grimoire written by Abraham ben Simeon in 1458, called "The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage." This grimoire details Abraham's search for mystic wisdom, and his meeting of a magician in Egypt named Abrahamelin. The sacred book of Abramelin has significantly influenced high ritual magic. Some sources believe that this oil was adapted from the same holy oil used by Moses.  Use this oil for conjuring & controlling spirits and other people. There are some forms of Abramelin oil that are ingested during ritual- however, the source of this formula is much more ancient than the recipe that Aleister Crowley used and the ingredients are slightly different. This formula sold by Bewitchingbee should never be ingested.

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All Saints Oil- There are seven ingredients in this formula similar to the Seven African Powers. The "saints" in this formula can be understood as patron saints, as the Seven African Powers, as ancestors, or as the benevolent spirits of your understanding. This formula is used to evoke blessings from your favorite spirits.

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Beltane Oil: Beginning at moon rise on the night before May 1st, this Celtic celebration begins. Fertility and sexual energies run high. Beltane is a time for bonfires and cavorting witches. Beltane Oil is made of a combination of authentic herbs and oils used in traditional Irish folklore to enhance the magical, healing, energizing, and raucous revelry of your spring celebration. Use oil to dress a candle, or to anoint yourself, or a friend!

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Divination: Enhances psychic vision when oil is applied to forehead and temple. Use the Divination supplies as an aid to expand one's focus in extrasensory perception and powers of divination. Anoint third eye during meditation or trance work. Sprinkle the powder on Tarot cards, or other divinatory tools, or sprinkle powder in the four corners of the room before giving a reading. Use the bath salts prior to working with others. (Also comes in Powder & Bath Salt).

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Drawing Down the Moon Ritual Oil: In this spiritual, Wiccan, full moon ritual, the Goddess is invoked to enter the body of the priestess and speak through her. Drawing down the Moon was originally associated by the ancient Greeks with the Thessalian witches. The natural herbs and essences contained in Drawing Down the Moon Ritual Oil will aid you in entering a meditative state, allowing you to connect to the power within to the Goddess.

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Guardian Angel Oil:  Your guardian angel is a spirit that has been sent to guide and protect you. Use this oil to increase your conscious contact with your guardian angel. Dress a candle before burning to honor this entity, and use as an aid in magical work.

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Hecate oil: One of the most powerful of the pagan goddesses, Hecate is known as Queen of the witches. She is also the Greek Goddess of the moon, pathways, and of crossroads traveled by night. The optimal time to summon her is on the night of a dark moon. The best place to summon her is at a three- way crossroad. Graveyard dirt and lavender, among other herbs are included in this formula and are considered sacred to Hecate. The oil can be used for candle dressing, or to anoint the body before ritual or spell work invoking Hecate. Use the powder when casting a magic circle. Petition her for protection, increased psychic powers, fertility, romance, and health. Hecate is particularly powerful when summoned to aid in the restoration of justice. (Also comes in a Powder).

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Samhain Oil: This Celtic celebration of the new year begins at nightfall on October 31st, the most magical night of the year. Also called Halloween, or All Soul's Eve, the veil between realms is thinner on this night, more so than at any other time of the year, making communication with ancestors, lost friends and spirits easier. Dress your candles, or your offerings with Samhain Ritual Oil. Or, dilute a few drops in spring water and asperge or sprinkle around your altar, or sacred space to celebrate this special time, and to celebrate the lives of the spirits who have gone before us.

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Seven African Powers : This formula incorporates the power of the seven orishas represented. These are the spirits or the guardians that have mastery over all areas of life. They can be petitioned together or individually to resolve all problems, fix any dilemma, and fulfill all desires. This formula is made from botanicals that radiate the power of the orishas and fulfills their blessings. Carve your wishes on a candle, dress with Seven African Powers Oil, and burn.

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Witches Circle Ritual Oil: This wonderful oil is one of my favorites. It was created by my Conjure Circle to for use prior to all types of rituals, to manifest extra magical potency. Just like our other hand blended Bewitchingbee Botanicals, this product contains authentic roots, herbs, and essential oils, there are no synthetic dyes or artificial ingredients. The Witches Circle Ritual contains fragrant yellow sandalwood, along with eight other herbs designed to rouse, direct, and release your personal power. It is perfect for pre-ritual activities and meditation. Sandalwood alone, heightens spirituality, and is used in many different forms of meditation, divination, and trance work. It calms the mind and allows the spiritual aspects of the self to work with confidence and ease. Success in all of it's aspects is strongly associated with sandalwood. All of the roots and herbs in the Witches Ritual Circle have been enchanted to increase their effectiveness. Use as a fragrant perfumed oil, and anoint your third eye to aid in meditation. Or use for candle dressing. (Also comes in a Bath Salt).

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