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Bewitchingbee Magical Supplies

Oils, Powders & Waters All of the supplies listed below are hand blended with genuine roots, herbs and herbal essential oils using traditional formulas. These spiritual supplies are based on spell-work from a variety of magical systems such as, American folk magic, African-American hoodoo & conjure, Pagan magick, and other traditional witchcraft systems. We donít just make these spiritual supplies, we pray over them, dedicating them to wants and needs of our clients as we craft them, just like the old time conjure shops. We also offer the setting of lights to our clients on our God & Goddess altar, or our Saint, Angel, and Spirit guide altar at no charge. These candles are anointed with oils and herbs, and placed on top of your paper of intent. By law- I have to state here that there are no guarantees of success, and all of these traditional products are sold as curios only. None of these products should be ingested, they are intended for external use only!