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Blessing Spells:


White Candle Blessing Spell

Witches Ladder Blessing Spell

Annual Spiritual Home Cleansing & Blessing

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Blessing Spells:


White Candle Blessing Spell

Witches Ladder Blessing Spell

Annual Spiritual Home Cleansing & Blessing


White Candle Spell:

Items Needed:

White Candle:  This can be a plain white candle of any size. Many people like to use figural candles in the gender of the person they are blessing. Some people like to use a seven day candle, or a seven knob candle, and then burn it every day for an hour until it's gone. Any of these choices will work.

Blessing Oil and Blessing Powder: To use oil for candle dressing and powder for blowing, and sprinkling.

Name paper, or Photo of the person you are blessing: This will add more power to your work.

Personal Item: This would be a personal item obtained from the target of your spell, such as a snip of hair or a fingernail clipping. If you are not able to obtain that, you could use a personal memento such as the person's handwriting, or something that the person owned.


     Take the white candle and hold it between your hands until it gets warm, as you visualize the person you are blessing, seeing them happy, prosperous, and whole. Then carve that person's name or initials into the candle. Dress the candle with the Blessing oil. You can also "double dress" the candle if you would like, sprinkling a little of the Blessing powder over it.

     Place the name paper or photo of the person, along with their personal item either under the candle or next to it. An easy way to place these items under a candle is to put them under an overturned saucer, and place the candle on top of it. Just make sure it is steady, you don't want your candle toppling over.

     Take your blessing powder and draw a protective circle around the candle with it.  Light the candle and recite Psalm 23, (The Lord is my Sheppard), or Psalm 121, ("I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help"). Or you may recite:

                            (Name of Person)

                            May you be blessed

                            May only goodness come your way

                            May you heart be light

                            May your mind be free of fear

                            May your health be sound

                            May your travels be safe

                            May your friendships sustain you

                            And may darkness never cross your door.

Add any special petition to this.

     Put a little of the Blessing powder in your cupped hand and blow it in the direction of the person or the place you are blessing.

     If your candle is small, let it burn down. For a larger candle, burn a portion of it every day for seven days. Always put the flame out by pinching it or using a candle snuffer. Never blow it out, that disperses the energies.



Witches Ladder:

     Witches ladders are a fetish or a talisman that is made from knotted cord, or hair. They are used by practitioners primarily for binding, healing, and blessings. I don't know where the name "Witches Ladder" came from because it doesn't look like a ladder. It looks more like a braided string.

     First, know what your intentions are. When you are ready, gather your materials.  

   Items Needed:

   3 yards of yarn, or cord (or any material you can easily braid)

   9 feathers  These can be of varying colors to symbolize your intent.

   Frankincense, Myrrh, or Copal Incense.


     Cleanse the space that you are working in, such as doing a sage smudge. Light your incense. Tie the three ends of your yarn or cord together and then start braiding. Recite Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepard), as you braid, or if you prefer, use this couplet "With this feather and this string,  Blessings now this charm will bring".

     When you are done braiding, tie the end in an knot. Pass the braid over incense three times. Starting near the end of the braid you have just tied, tie in the first feather with a knot around it's base. Continue to do this at even intervals going up the rest of the cord. You may chant as you do each of the nine knots:

                                 By knot of one, our blessings begun,

                                 By knot of two, may it be true

                                 By knot of three, oh blessed be

                                 By knot of four, it's in the door

                                 By knot of five, it comes alive

                                 By knot of six, this spell is fixed

                                 By knot of seven, it's seen in heaven

                                 By knot of eight, it's through the gate

                                 By knot of nine, this wish is mine

     Now take the Witches Ladder and give it to the person you are blessing. for protection, or for a peaceful atmosphere, the person should hang it above a doorway.



Annual Spiritual Home Cleansing & Blessing


     This ritual can be done for a new home, and also as an annual spiritual home cleansing each spring. Here is a simple way to bless and rid a home of any unwanted spiritual influences.


Items Needed:

Wash bucket




Paper Towels

1/4 cup Ammonia

1 cup Bay leaf herb

1 cup of Hyssop herb

1 cup of Rosemary herb

Van Van Oil or Uncrossing Oil

3 white candles

Blessing or Uncrossing Bath Salts

Blessing Powder

Peace Water


Charcoal for incense burning


Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Sweet grass or Copal incense



   First cleanse the house, Go around the house and wipe away any dust, dirt or grime. open a window in each room if you can. Take a new, unused broom and sweep the house top floor to bottom floor, and back to front. Next light your charcoal and burn the incense, go through each room and fumigate it. Dress a white candle with Uncrossing oil, or Van Van oil and light it.  Pray, or invoke a higher power of your understanding, such as Michael the Archangel, God, or Goddess, whatever power will help you to cleanse away lingering negativity and bless and protect your home.

    Then prepare your floor wash. Boil a quart of water, add the Bay leaf, Hyssop & Rosemary. Let boil for nine minutes. Cover and remove from heat. Let the herbs steep for nine more minutes. Strain and put this herbal water into your bucket. Begin by washing down the floors and woodwork after you have added the Ammonia, Blessing or Uncrossing Bath salts, and nine drops of Van Van  on Uncrossing oil to your wash water. Recite Psalm 23, or another blessing prayer, or incantation as you wash. Always start at the top floor of the house, and work your way to the bottom floor. On each floor always start from the back of the house and move toward the front. Then finally wash down the front door.

   Second dispose of the mess, Take some of the wash water (just a cup full will do), to the closest intersection (crossroad), and throw the water over your left shoulder to the west. Now walk away and don't look back. If you are not able to do this at a crossroads, the disposal can also be done at a cemetery, or or in running water, such as a stream or river.

Third- cleanse yourself, When you return to the house go immediately to make your bath. Use Uncrossing bath salts, or use Mother Holle's 13 herb Spiritual bath if you are doing a heavy-duty 13 day personal cleansing, or uncrossing.  Light a white candle dressed with Uncrossing oil before you get into the tub. Perform Uncrossing bath ritual.  

Fourth- start your Blessing Ritual, Light the last white candle that you have dressed with Uncrossing or Van Van oil. Sprinkle some Blessing powder across the front doorway. Take Peace Water and sprinkle it in all the corners, and by all the doors and windows. This will instill the house with a positive energy and  make it so only benevolent spirits, and peaceful souls may enter. Recite psalm 23, or any other blessing prayer or incantation as you go around the house. Go around the house and anoint above each doorway and window with Uncrossing or Van Van oil. Recite a blessing, or an incantation of protection. Finally, go around again and put pinches of salt in each corner of the rooms.