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Healing Candle Spell

* First a disclaimer- healing spells should never be used instead of conventional or traditional methods of healing. They are best used in combination with them, complementing and enhancing the power of other methods, and fortifying the process of recovery.


For all-purpose healing:

Usually it is best for a person to cast their own spells. Healing spells are one of those exceptions to the rule, and is one of the best gifts you can give for another person. Healing takes place often times on the spiritual plane first. When a person's spiritual essence begins to heal this manifests healing on a physical level. The optimal timing for this spell is best started at the time of the full moon. As the moon wanes, and decreases in size, so should the person's symptoms. However if the need is urgent, a spell can be cast anytime.


Items needed:

A bowl

Spring water


One white candle



White flower petals

A letter of intention

Lavender oil


Some Healing Deities & Spirits:


Archangel Raphael

Dr. Jose Gregorio

Goddesses Brigid, Diana, & Hecate (among many others)

The Djinn (North African)

Oxala (Brazil)

Saint Martha

Casting the Spell

Hold the candle in both of your hands. Ask the higher power of your understanding to empower this healing energy that you are about to send forth. Envision the person who needs to be healed feeling whole and healthy. Try to hold onto this image as long as possible. Carve a symbol reflecting this person on the candle. (This could be the person's name, a heart, a cross, or whatever comes into your mind when you are thinking of the person at this point.) Light the sage bundle, or crumble dried sage leaves on top of some lit incense charcoal. Pass the candle, letter of intention, and bowl over the smoke cleansing away any negativity surrounding the person. Place the letter of intention on the bottom of the bowl. Feed the candle- rub a small amount of honey around the upper part of the candle. Then rub a small amount of lavender oil around the lower end of the candle and place the candle on top of the letter of intention. Pour a ring of salt around the candle. Add the sage and mint, then pour in the spring water. Sprinkle the white petals into the bowl, letting them float upon the water.

Light the candle and visualize the person who is the object of the spell being surrounded by a white healing light as you meditate, focusing on the candle flame. Recite the following incantation, or say anything you need to now as long as it comes from the heart.


Healing thoughts sent in flight, bring the brightest of blessings this very night

Send this healing white light from above, surround name now in healing love


Let the candle burn until it goes out. Or if you aren't able to do that, pinch the candle out, or use a candle snuffer (never blow the candle out- this disperses the energy you have concentrated there). Light the candle again later if you'd like. When you are done with the spell, bury the remains of your ingredients in the ground.