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Tips for Love Spell success:


Magical co-ordinates for Love Spells: Red, pink, and green.


Best timing for Love Spells: A New Moon landing on a Friday would be the most auspicious night to perform a Love Spell, but any Friday during a Waxing Moon will serve your purpose well.


Prior to Spell Work: Take a ritual bath Soak in a tub using sea salt and any of the botanicals of love, such as: Chamomile, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, or Vervain.


Evoke or Invoke: Evoking is calling upon a spirit, god or goddess to join you and empower your magical workings. Invoking is inviting this power to come inside you, to directly power your magical workings. Common deities used in Love Spell work are: Oshun, Orisha of Love. Aphrodite, the Lady of Love. Inanna-Ishtar, Queen of Heaven.


Body bits: Incorporating any type of body bit such as fingernail clipping, or a strand of hair will empower your spell greatly, although this is not necessary.


Some Key Botanicals of Love: Incorporate some of these best love-drawing botanicals into your spell work- basil, catnip, chamomile, cardamon, coriander, cubeb, gardenia, grains of paradise, orris root, damiana.




Use timing to your advantage and begin this spell in conjunction with the New Moon.

Items needed:

2 candles, preferably red or pink. Figural candles of man & woman are even better.

Hair, or other personal item from the target of your spell. (any secretion, nail clipping, or their hand writing)

A piece of your own hair

Come to Me oil

Magnetic sand


Red or Pink Rose petals

Hold the candles one at a time, clasping it in your hands, and charging it with your intent. Carve a name or symbol into them, making one candle represent you, and the other candle representing the person you desire. Rub Come to Me Oil onto both of the candles in stroking motions that always come toward you, not away from you.

Feed the candle. Put a little honey on your finger tips, (always take a taste of it first), then rub a little on top of the candle. Then sprinkle a bit of magnetic sand onto your dressed candle.

Take a piece of paper and write the name of the person you desire either 9 times. Then take another piece of paper and write your name nine times. Now take both of the papers, and write your intention on each sheet. Make it simple like- LOVE EACH OTHER- LOVE EACH OTHER so that the words go in a circle around the names. First one sheet of paper, then the other. Do this without lifting your pen from the paper. If you accidentally lift the pen during this part, throw this paper out and start all over again.  Be careful, and concentrate- do not dot any I's or cross any T's. Do it on a different paper as a practice run first. In the four corners of each paper you may write symbols such as hearts or something else that will symbolize love if you like.

Now take your papers and smear a little honey on both to sweeten them. Put a piece of your hair, and the personal item that you have obtained from the other person on the paper, and then place the papers face to face to promote love.  Fold the papers, always toward yourself to draw in love.  Fold the papers until you can't fold them anymore.   

Place these petition papers under the candle representing yourself. If the candle will be off balance, place the paper beneath an overturned saucer, and then place the candle on top of this. Sprinkle rose petals in a clockwise circle around both of the candles.

Have the candles facing each other and burn them every night in timed increments, while you gradually move the candles closer and closer to each other. When the candles finally touch, let them burn all the way down so that the waxes intermingle.

If there is any wax remaining this may be saved as a love talisman and placed in a mojo bag. If not, then bury any remaining wax or spell remains by burying them in your backyard to keep love close.





Lodestones are not only believed to be living beings, but also to have genders. So that if you are heterosexual, use a male and a female lodestone. Or match up two male stones, or two female stones, depending on your preference.  Paired lodestones are used in spells and mojo bags to draw mutual love and fidelity.

 Items needed:

A small, matched pair of lodestones

magnetic sand

a hair or personal item from each person

Come to Me, Love Me, or Fire of Love oil

two red flannel bags


Take your two lodestones. Make sure they are magnetically attracted to each other. Appoint one to represent you and one to represent your lover. Feed the lodestone pair with magnetic sand to keep their power strong, and then dress them with the appropriate oil/s.

After feeding and dressing the two stones, gently separate them and place them in each of your bags, along with the hair or personal item of each person for which the stone is appointed. For extra power, anoint both of the stones with your commingled sexual secretions. Tie the bags shut and exchange bags.

You will both keep the other's appointed stone, and personal item while you are apart. This will charge your love and draw both of you back together again.