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The Bewitchingbee Palmistry Page


"The most beautiful thing we can experience

is the mysterious. It is the source of all

true art and science".

                                        Albert Einstein



I am a practicing Psychic Reader, and Rootworker. I started out reading palms and doing pendulum divinations for friends and family about 25 years ago, and gravitated to professional work along these lines a few years later. You can schedule a reading (Tarot only) via phone or email.


                                                                                       For further information on classes

or individual readings, contact

Deborah at

or call

Bewitchingbee Magical Supply: (414)-690-9102




* Lesson 1 - Palmistry, a Spell-binding, Scientific Art

* Lesson 2 - How to get a good print/ Equipment needed

* Lesson 3 - The Elements in your hands

* Lesson 4 - Active Hand/ Passive Hand

* Lesson 5 - Life Line

* Lesson 6 - Head Line

* Lesson 7 - Heart Line

* In Summary


Hand analysis is a complex system that has evolved over the ages. Much like the all the bits and pieces that add up to the total person, palmistry is many things. It is scientific, and it is spiritual. It is intuitive and it is systematic. It is an ancient art, and it is a technical study. It is partly folk-lore, and it is awfully revealing, and usually quite accurate. At the bottom of it all, palmistry is empowering, as our hands express who we are.

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