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Formulas found below:

Follow Me Boy! Love Potion

Conjure Oil

High Priestess Initiation Oil

Ritual Purification Bath

Fast Luck Oil (Algiers Style)

Gypsy Magick Oil




Follow Me Boy! Love potion *(simplified version)

Combine the following for seduction and romance:

Orris Root

Dried catnip

Dried Sweet Flag/ Calamus (this ingredient is essential)

Licorice (a significant seduction spell catalyst)

Dried Damiana (Also known as T. Aphrodisiaca)

Dried Jasmine Flowers

Powder and mix the ingredients together. Sprinkle on lit charcoals and let the smoke permeate your clothing. Or, add the powdered herbs to sweet almond oil. Add a couple of drops of essential Neroli oil. Wear as a perfume or use in bath. Be careful- men will be drawn to you like crazy.

Warning: this is considered a commanding spell. Be careful who you wish for.



Conjure Oil:

Mix together the following proportions

Frankincense  1/3

Sandalwood 1/3

Lotus    1/3

This formula comes from "The Enchanted Formulary" by Lady Rhea & Eve LeFey.

According to the authors, this oil works like "a genie in a bottle" to manifest anything you need into reality. They also state that "creative visualization is necessary to any spell work when using this formula".


High Priestess Initiation Oil:

Combine the following:

Gardenia oil 1/4

Lotus oil  1/4

Narcissus oil 1/4

Ylang Ylang oil  1/4

add   1 drop of Camphor

This formula comes from the "Enchanted Formulary" by Lady Rhea & Eve LeFay.

This oil is specifically for the special initiation of a 3rd degree priestess in the Wiccan Tradition. The High Priestess, or her whole coven can use it as a sacred anointing oil for circle. *This oil blend is also used for astral projection and the development of your psychic abilities.



 Ritual Purification Bath

4 parts Lavender                            2 parts Hyssop

4 parts Rosemary                            1 part Mint

3 parts Thyme                                 1 part Vervain 

3 parts Basil                                    1 pinch Valerian Root

2 parts Fennel

This is an herbal bath taken from Incense, Oils, & Brews by Scott Cunningham

Cunningham states that this recipe was adapted from The Key of Solomon and is ideal for use before all types of magical rituals, or when you simply wish to feel clean & free of impurities. *WARNING if you add more than a pinch of Valerian Root, you'll be sorry because it smells BAD.


Fast Luck Oil

Cinnamon oil  3 drops

Wintergreen oil 20 drops

Vanilla oil  20 drops

combine in a carrier oil base such as sweet almond or jojoba.

The above were given as the major ingredients in Fast Luck oil formula by Zora Neale Hurston in her 1935 book- "Mules and Men". This infamous book details the New Orleans hoodoo practices of the 1920's & 30's.


 Gypsy Magick Oil

3 drops of Peppermint oil

3 drops of Thyme oil

add these to one tablespoon of Borage Seed oil.

This formula appears in Gerina Dunwich's book: "Magick Potions"

Dunwich states to use this oil to anoint your third eye chakra prior to scrying, Tarot card reading, or using any other divinatory method.