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Tips for Prosperity Spell Success:


COLORS TO USE: Green, White, or Gold

TIMING: Use waxing moon for increasing money, prosperity, & business. As the moon grows bigger, so will your financial possibilities.

DEITIES: Green Tara, Fortuna,



Calendula petals, basil, cinnamon, chamomile, clover, five finger grass, High John the Conqueror Root, Lodestone, Magnetic sand, Iron Filings, Pyrite, Vetiver, & Vervain.




Tara is the mother of all Buddhas. The name Tara means "she who saves".



Petition or prayer paper


iron filings

money drawing oil

a green or white candle

powdered cinnamon

five finger grass

three shiny dimes

sandalwood or vetivert incense


First, light the incense. Write as detailed of a letter as possible stating your intention & need. Pass this letter through the smoke from your incense. Visualize your intentions being carried to Tara by the sweetly smoked air.

Second, remove any residual energies the candle might have absorbed prior to you buying it, and at the same time "seal" it, by knocking gently on it three times. With a knife, toothpick, nail, or pin, carve a symbol of your intention into the candle. This can be a dollar sign, initials representing your specific intent, or any symbol that forms in you mind that links you to the intended outcome of your spell. Put some money drawing oil on two fingers and dress the candle either by stroking upward, toward yourself, for bringing something to you, (such as money, or luck), or by stroking away from you to get rid of something, (such as debt). Circle around the sides of the candle as you dress it. Take some honey and put it on your finger. Taste it before smearing a little around the candle. This is called feeding the candle.

Third, place the dressed candle on top of your  petition, or prayer paper along with the three dimes. Sprinkle the iron filings on the candle. Recite: Green Tara, mother of all Buddhas, bless me with abundance, and freedom from debt.  Sprinkle the cinnamon in a clockwise circle around the candle, and recite again. Then sprinkle the five finger grass around the candle in a clockwise circle, and recite once more time.

Last, light the candle and visualize your intent. Let it burn down, sending your intentions out to the cosmic plane.


Lodestone Money Drawing Spells

About Lodestones: Lodestones (magnetic Iron Ore) have long been favored by rootworkers and hoodoo doctors for their powerful and mysterious magical natures. Highly spiritual, Lodestones are considered to be alive and to have a soul. Symbolic of their spiritual status is the way that by being natural magnets, they attract Iron, and draw to each other. To keep your Lodestone strong and working for you, you must "feed' the Lodestone regularly (I feed mine once a week) by sprinkling "magnetic sand", otherwise known as iron filings onto the stone. This keeps it's drawing power strong. The Earth contains vast amounts of Iron Ore, but only a small percentage of Iron Ore carries a strong magnetic charge, thus making them Lodestones. What makes Lodestones different from the rest of the Iron Ore the Earth contains?  The catalyst that brings about the magnetic alignment of the Lodestone is a lightning strike. This is more likely to happen in areas where large expanses of iron ore are exposed at the earth's surface, especially on mountain tops. After many years lightning strikes, the ore becomes magnetic. The stronger, and closer the lightning strikes are, the more magnetic it becomes. In many cultures Lodestones are considered powerful and sacred, especially in cultures with deities of lightning, or those with blacksmithing qualities- African religions, hoodoo, European folk magic, and indigenous Pagan religions.  Lodestones are used primarily in hoodoo and folk magic to draw things or people to us through their magnetic force- perfect for spells of Love, Money, Health, etc.

If you intend to work with lodestones, I would recommend that you have at least three stones. a matched pair (two stones that "draw" to each other) for love work, and a single one to use for money drawing. Keep them well fed.