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Questions about Magick

Here are some of our responses to questions we are frequently asked about magic. The beliefs and opinions expressed here are distinctively our own. The Conjure Circle is a small group of magical folks from various traditions. This it is an eclectic group, with no hierarchy or politics. We are family and friends who have come together with the express interest of learning from each other and supporting each other on our unique spiritual paths. This site has been created by Deborah, Sherry, and Laura.

What is Magic/k, is it real?
Magic, or magick, is the art of working with the subtle powers of natural energies. It is the universal force that resides inside of everything. This universal force has many names and many forms, and doesn't care whether you call for it in the name of Jesus, a Witch Goddess, or the Virgin Mary.. This universal energy can be found in stones, herbs, angels, spirits, and God/s or Goddess/es. This energy is also found in you, and in me. Visualization, faith, knowledge, talent, and intent act as catalysts to fuel the outcome of your magical work. Magic gives you the ability to unlock the power within.
Some people don't believe in magic. Just like some people don't believe in prayer. Or God. Or that bright light that so many people experiencing NDE's claim to have seen. Don't even mention angels or spirit guides. A whole universe of things that are unseen and mysterious, surrounds us. Many people regard these things as fantasy or wishful thinking.
In my experience I have received many benefits in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my life through the use of "magick", and spell work.
Many people have an "over the top" Hollywood idea of what magic is from watching movies or television. Magic works in ways much more subtle than what is seen on the screen. Spell work is not the answer to all of our problems. We all have free will, and make our own karma. But magic is a way of unlocking your inner potential and directing energy to increase the odds of life in your favor.
Some people will have the desire, interest, and natural talents to make magic work for them. Others may not believe or have the interest to pursue magical work, and that is just fine and dandy because everybody is different. Some people are naturally athletic, and some are not. Some people are naturally good at math. I'm not. What works for me, might not necessarily work for you.

Is Magic Evil?

Remember that magic is a combination of what is inside the person, and natural energy, or sources of power that the person, or practitioner, accesses. It is not these different energies that are "good", or "bad", but the practitioner's intentions, and actions. Power of any type can be abused. Magic, like attitude, is contagious. It can be positive or negative, depending on the person.

Do Magic Spells Work?

It depends. There are no guarantees, but there are things that you can do to increase your chances of it working. Knowledge, skill, and natural talents play a part of spell-work success. Other things that influence a spell's success is timing, energy, magical coordinates, and intentions.
Inside every spell there resides a seed of hope for a better future. A spell is sort of like a prayer. You put your energy into it and petition other energies to fuel your spell and guide it along. It doesn't matter what religion or lack of religion you have. Everyone has the potential to use magic as a spiritual tool in their lives. For some people, this accessing of power inside of themselves seems to happen easily. Other's may have to be more persistent, and work harder at it.
At the very least, spell work helps to clarify your wants, it can empower you to take action, and for many people, it enhances their spirituality.
To increase your chances of spell casting success- a) Read all that you can on magical practices. Increasing your knowledge base, increases your success. b) Know your intentions. Have a goal in mind before you cast a spell. The more specific your desire, the more likely it will work. c) Use of visualization and meditation can help you to get in touch with the magic potential inside of you. (More on that later). d) Be patient. Give that spell time to work. Experiment, and see what works best for you. Try magic on, see if it enhances your life.

Where does Magic come from?

It's been said that magic is as old as the Earth, and that magic is much older than the printed word. Every culture on Earth has a magical tradition. Much of the information from accumulated wisdom of the ancient past has been lost due to fear and ignorance, or sometimes for other reasons, like war. Many people are reaching out to re-embrace magical traditions, that would otherwise be lost. Many magical practitioners today feel a sense of responsibility to keep and pass on this primordial human art and science. I would like to be a part of that.