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About Reconciliation Spell Work:

Or maybe this section should be called, "How to Make a Lover Return", which maybe should be partnered with a "Are You Sure you Really want that Lover to Return Spell?" Reconciliation Spells are difficult. They can be messy. They are also among one of the most requested types of spells. Reconciliation work can be as simple and sweet as a Honey Jar Spell, or as driven and coercive as using Goofer Dust, by "goofering for love," this is where you make the target of your spell love you, or grow weak, sicken, and eventually die.

Most reputable rootworkers will tell you that there is more success with this type of spell work if you don't have the opposition of a rival, interference of an enemy, or a resistance by the target of the spell. Time and distance can work against you. If your lover moved away five years ago to another state and married someone else, the obstacles working against you will be considerably greater in this case than if you and your lover separated last month and he/she is staying by a friend's house a mile away. On a spiritual level, your Higher Power may have a different plan for you. The old saying goes that "God does not close a door to you without opening up another." Or, you could end up having a measure of success in your spell work by drawing the person back only to have them leave over, and over again. Obsession has the potential of replacing the love you once had for this person, keeping you "stuck" emotionally and never letting go, or growing.

Okay, now that I've cautioned you, and your heart still tells you that you have to give it a try, let me give you a few recommendations. Do a divination before proceeding with your spell work. Or better yet, get a divination from a reputable psychic, or from a reader you trust that is able to be objective. If the reading indicates that you should move forward with your spell work,  then  prior to starting anything, do a Cleansing Spiritual Bath, to help clear away any of the "old stuff" that may still be stuck to your psyche: like resentment, anger and self pity. Using a Road Opener Oil in the bath can also be helpful. Another way to prepare is to make a spiritual contract with yourself to work your Reconciliation Spells for a set amount of time, and when that time period is up, it is time to stop the work and move on. If letting go is too difficult, a Cleanse & Clear Ritual is an effective method for those who are hurting from a relationship.

If you decide to use any of these spells, remember to be patient and watch for signs. I'm told that results and signs from your spell work will usually occur in connection to the number three. Look for a sign within 3 days, (a sign being something that calls out to you from your environment, like a fragment of a song, or hearing a significant name or word 3 times in a row.) In 3 weeks look for an indicator of which way the spell work is going. And in 3 months look for a result.

Some Traditional Love & Reconciliation Herbs: Do Not Ingest Any Herbs unless you verify safety first!

Balm of Gilead Buds: The bible refers to Balm of Gilead buds as a great comforter of the heart and soul. Many hoodoo sources cite the use of this herb to soothe the broken-hearted, mend relationships, and dispel the old anger that can linger between a squabbling couple. Carry some of these in your pocket or in a red conjure bag. Mix Balm of Gilead Bulbs with powdered Rose Buds and Sandalwood to burn as an incense during your spell work is said to remove past hurts and renew love and affection. 

Catnip: Meow. When used by women, this herb is said to draw men to them, like a cat to catnip. Hoodoo him by combining a touch of your vaginal fluids to this herb, then fix your bedroom in a quintux pattern, by placing a bit of the herb in each corner of the room and under your bed.  Or mix Follow Me Boy! Oil with this catnip/ sexual fluid combination and roll it up into one of your lover's socks. Keep the sock hidden under the side of the bed where your lover sleeps for nine nights. Then take it out and bury it in your backyard to keep him close.  

Rose Buds: the most universal love herb, it draws good fortune in sexual relations and matters of the heart. This herb can be used in every aspect of spell work- combine with Patchouli and Damiana, make a strong tea and use for a love drawing bath. Bathe with this combination for seven days in a row, calling the name of the one you love. Save a little of the used bath water in a cup, take it to the nearest crossroad and throw the water over your left shoulder toward the rising sun. Walk away and don't look back.  Grind up Rose petals and add to Orris Root Powder for a sweetly scented love drawing sachet to wear on your skin before going to meet the one you desire. Carry two rose buds in a conjure bag with two matched lodestones, magnetic sand, and a personal effect from you and the one you desire, (such as hair, comingled sexual fluids, or both of your name papers facing each other. 

Jasmine: Jasmine added to any Love Herb Mixture will enhance it's power. To bring about psychic visions and dream of the one you love (whether to see your future mate, or to receive information on someone you love that you are unable to contact), mix dried Jasmine Flowers with Flax Seeds and Starry Anise. Burn a little of this mix with sandalwood prior to going to bed. Meditate on what you wish to know, place some of this mixture in a muslin bag and put it under your pillow.

Ginger Root: This spicy root is used to make love spells passionate, amorous, and fiery. Fast and heated results occur, but may be short-lived unless combined with longer acting Love Work. Add Ginger Root to your conjure bag along with Rose Petals and Coriander Seeds.

Damiana: As it's taxonomic name (Tumera aphrodisiaca) indicates, Damiana herb is a natural Aphrodisiac. This herb is reputed to rouse an amorous appetite in both men and women, making women more loving and cooperative, and enhancing men's sexual nature. It is said that if you carry this herb in your conjure bag with Coriander Seeds and a personal effect of your's and your lovers you will draw that person back to you. This herb is safe to make into a tea for drinking. Steep well with mint leaves and honey and serve it to the one you desire. 

Coriander Seeds: These seeds are reputed to bring about reconciliation, fidelity, and a happier marriage. Carry these in a conjure bag with magnetic sand and a name paper of the one you desire to have a lover return and bring about satisfying conjugal relationships. To bring someone back, go to a crossroad, call the name of the one you desire and throw the seeds in the direction of where your lover is. Walk away and don't look back.


Reconciliation Spells:

* Many of the Spells here are inspired by by the prolific collection of spells from the interviews of Rootworkers, Conjures, and Hoodoo Doctors gathered by Harry M. Hyatt during the 1930's & 40's in his five volume collection- Hoodoo- Conjuration - Witchcraft - Rootwork.  and the 1935 edition of  Folklore from Adam's County Illinios.

Basic Spell for Love & Reconciliation:

Write the full name of the person you desire nine times.

Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name on top of theirs nine times so that you cross and cover it.

Cut this Name Paper into the shape of a heart.

Fold this heart paper (always folding towards you,) to draw the person to you. Fold it like this three times.

Take a small glass jar that you have filled three quarters of the way full with a sweetener (like honey, pancake syrup, corn syrup).

Push this name paper down into the syrup. Add a little sugar to the jar.

Close the jar, and place it on the back of a stove or a heater, and let it get warm and steamy.

This will heat up your love for each other.

When you are done with this spell, if you want to keep this person close, bury the jar in your backyard.


To Bring a loved One Back & Keep Them Home:

Add nine drops of Van Van Oil and some Sugar to Florida Water

Write your absent Loved One's name Nine times on paper, using red ink.

Thoroughly Soak their Name Paper in the Van Van/ Sugar/ Florida Water Mixture

This will draw them home.

And Once they come Home, they will reveal all, and They will stay home.


To Bring Your Loved One Back to You:

Take a tin plate (this means a photo- back in the early 1900's  photo's were actually on tin plating.)

Write the 85th Psalm on the back of this photo with your loved one's name.

Put it in a secret place in the house and read the 85th psalm. Your loved one will return.


Reconciliation Candle Spell:

Take a red or pink candle. Knock on it three times before preparing to remove any past energy clinging to it, and to seal your intent. Carve your name on one side of the candle and the one you desire on the other side. Dress the candle with Lover Come Back Oil, Come to Me oil, or Love Me Oil, Stroke upwards as you rub the oil on the candle, drawing towards yourself, to draw this person toward you.

Write out your name paper. (for a powerful way to employ sex magic in this spell, masturbate and put some of your sexual fluids on the paper and let it dry before writing it out). Write the person's name that you desire nine times. Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name nine times so that it crosses and covers the name of the target of your spell. Dress the four corners of this paper with a condition oil- like  Lover Come Back Oil, Come to Me Oil, or Love Me Oil. If you have a personal effect of the person you desire place this inside the name paper. Fold the name paper, always folding toward yourself. Place a turned over saucer on top the name paper. Place your candle on top of the over turned saucer, and light it.  Recite any or all of the Old Testament's Song of Songs (Song of Solomon). Printed here are some of the verses that can be used:

"By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him but I found him not.

I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him who my soul loveth: I sought him but I found him not.

The watchmen that go about the city found me: to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul loveth?

It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go, until I had broughthim into my mother's house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me."    

Now extinguish the candle flame, (do not blow out). Each night for nine nights light the candle and recite these verses from the Song of Songs. After the ninth night, take the name paper and some of the melted wax and put it in a red flannel conjure bag that you have dressed with Lover come Back Oil, Come to Me Oil, or Love Me Oil.  Add any personal effect of the target of your spell and a pair of matched lodestones. Carry this bag somewhere on your person, where no one else will see it. Bury any left over spell items in your backyard.


To Tie a Man's "Nature":

To "Tie a Man's Nature" (Nature meaning his sexuality- you are "fixing' him so he will not be able to reach satisfaction with anyone else but you.) This spell is said to keep a man from having other lovers. This type of spell is used in what originated around the Memphis area- a Nature Sack. The Nature Sack is a special conjure bag carried by women only. The Nation Sack is used in spells of female domination over man. Historical information on this powerful, traditional hoodoo conjure bag can be found in "Hoodoo- Conjuration- Witchcraft- Rootwork".  Hyatt has a long interview with a practicing woman conjurer, on pages 1449 to page 1459 of Vol. 2, who he described as the "nation sack woman".

For this notorious spell, you need to obtain the "Measure of a Man". Take a string that is the same length as your lover's erect penis. Hide this string but keep it close at hand. Have sex with your lover, but do not have an orgasm. Following sex let him fall asleep. Soak this string in his semen. Begin a knot in the center of this string. start the loop but don't pull it tight. When he is asleep, call his name out loud. When he responds, pull the knot tight. Think or say out loud your intent with short command- ex. "stay with me." "You are mine." Some believe that when the man answers from his sleep, that this waking breath is his spirit, and when you tie the knot tight, right as he responds- you have captured his spirit in the knot.  (In some spells you can call the spirit into a bottle and capture it there when you stopper it up.) Nine knots in all are recommended to be most powerful. The first starts in the middle, then alternate the knots left/ right on either side of the middle knot until you have a total of nine. Verbalize your command as you tie each knot. Keep this "measure" string in a red conjure bag- your Nature Sack. Add a matched pair of lodestones, a Queen Elizabeth root, a Calamus root, and a silver dime. It is best to wear this bag hidden, below your waist. Do Not let anyone else touch the bag- ever. Dress this Conjure bag with Follow Me Boy! Oil.


Starting at a new moon, burn a red candle. and collect the wax as it drips down, adding love herbs to it. make two small wax dolls. Move the two figures closer to each other each night for nine nights while reading from the Song of Solomon. After the ninth night, to attract a new love, bury these figures near your front step. To keep your lover at home, bury them in the backyard.

You can do this same spell above using a pair of matched lodestones, one named for each person. Usually worked for seven nights to attract a new love and nine nights to control or for reconciliation.