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Witchcraft Lessons


There are many definitions of what a witch is. In these lessons I define a "witch" as one who studies and practices magic. The term "witchcraft" as it appears here is the use and practice of sorcery or magic.

The best way to learn is to keep things simple. Not easy, but simple. For that reason I also try to keep the subject of religion or any religious affiliations out of my writings. (Wiccans and Catholics included). My intent is to canvas these lessons with something more pure; spirituality. All religions are by their very nature steeped politics, self righteousness, and restrictions. All wasted energy as far as I'm concerned. The practice of magic has nothing to do with these things.

The word witch conjures images that resonates within my soul. Witches are wise. Sometimes they are healers. There are witches who practice in groups and witches that practice alone. Some toss hexes around like a fresh salad, while others follow the straight and narrow. Always a bit wild and surrounded by the mysterious, one of the most important things I value about witches is- they're fun! They are my sisters, (and brothers). Am I a witch? Of course. But more importantly, as you go through these lessons, ask yourself- are you a witch?

Start with lesson one and work through at your own pace.  


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