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The Bewitchingee Workshop

& Altars for Setting Lights

The following are photos of the Bewitchingbee Workshop and the Workshop Altars that I use for the work I do for my clients and also for personal work. By "work", I mean spiritual work or what hoodoo practitioners would call rootwork. The types of rootwork I typically do are: crafting Mojo Bags, Honey Jar Spells, Altar work, Prayers, Spiritual Petitions, Oil Lamps and Candle Magic- such as Setting Lights, Moving Candle Spells, Candle Divinations and such. My workshop is also the place where I speak with clients, do consultions and divinations, and where I make spiritual baths, powders, condition oils, Spell Kits and most of the other magical supplies listed on the web site.              


IMG_20101221_191656.jpg   Sealing roots in a Love Reconciliation Spell:  A very male High John the Conqueror Root, and very female Queen Elizabeth root sealed in red wax with healing Balm of Gilead and a tiny, but highly magnetic lodestone!


    Some of the Workshop Altars. In the corner is our Ancestor Spirit Altar used to venerate Loved Ones, family or friends, who have passed over. I also set lights to aid the crossing over of the newly deceased, resistant, or lost spirits, often by petitioning the aid of Our Lady of Grace and/ or St. Anthony .

   The Workshop at night. Many candles can be seen burning along the back wall altars for : Protection, Spiritual Healing, and Spiritual Retribution. To the left lights can be seen burning on the Road Opener and Money Drawing Altar.

    A workspace used for dressing and preparing candles for clients. The shelf holds and keeps handy a number of condition oils and powders, roots, herbs, minerals and zoological items used for preparation.

     Altar Work table directly below the Protection Altar and Healing Altar.

   Cauldron and Book, opened to pages showing Seals of Solomon.

    A favorite Vintage Bewitchingbee Magical Supply Sign made by crafty artist and amazing rock and roll witch, Molly Roberts on display next to my favorite Scrying Mirror.

    A shelf full of assorted candle supplies. Propped up at the rear and lining the back length of the shelf are a number of vintage Ouija Boards, some from the early 1900's, and several from the 1940's.

    The Workshop Love and Reconciliation Altar, featuring the Red Robed Santa Muerte who can be petitioned for Intranquility Spells- to make a wandering Lover return. Our Lady of Guadelupe, Yemaya, and Kwan Yin also figure prominently on this altar, regularly petitioned for different aspects of Love work.

    On the Blessing and Spiritual Healing Altar burns a nearly perpetual Oil Lamp. Saints petitioned : St.Lazarus, St. Jude, and Dr. Jose Gregorio.

    Another shot of the larger, two tiered altars along the back wall actually hold (5)the:  Healing Altar, Fiery Wall of Protection Altar, Spiritual Retribution Altar, Spiritual Cleansing Altar, and specialized Lost or Missing Altar.

    Those who are LOST  or  MISSING.   This is a Specialized  Workshop Altar for Missing Persons, a cause very dear to me. Featured are the two saints I primarily work with:  St. Christopher (Safe Travel and Light bearer) and St. Anthony (finding the Lost). I will burn a dressed candle along with a spiritual Petition on the Missing Person Poster or affix the Poster to the glass on the Glass Encased-Seven Day Candles.

    Fiery Wall of Protection Altar. Observe a St. Michael Fiery Wall of Protection Candle burning and a pro-bono, tea light positioned between Four Railroad Spikes that have been anointed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil.

     Spiritual Retribution Altar  for Justice, Reversing, and matters of Spiritual Retribution.  Saints featured and petitioned are: the Black Sante Muerte and the White Sante Muerte, St. Cipriano, and Black Hawk.