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Bewitchingbee Candle Inventory

This page is for purchasing a candle to be shipped to you.

To order a setting of lights, please go to the "Setting Lights" page.

Bewitchingbee Magical Supply creates an assortment of very specific and unique, glass encased, 7 Day Vigil Candles for spell casting and root work. These hand crafted candles are Bewitchingbee Originals, and cannot be found anywhere else. The candles are created one at a time and are dressed with specific oils, powders, herbs, and other materials to optimize the intent and outcome of your magical work.

The candle labels we have created have distinct magical imagery incorporated into each design to further your magical intent, along with specific, precise prayers, incantations, seals, and words of power included on the back of each candle. The candles are made of a pliable wax in colors that correlate to the condition or magical intention for which they are used. These candles will usually burn continually for about 120 hours, so you can see why they are called "vigil" lights.

We dress all of our candles with herbs and oils while they are being fixed and prayed over. There is no extra charge for this. If you wish this not to be done or have a special request, please e-mail me at  and let me know what your specific needs are.

There are two ways to receive magical candle work. One way is to order one of our candles below to be shipped to you, for you to burn at home. All candles are dressed with herbs, condition oils, and powders. Some may have extra seals affixed to them and specific prayers and incantations. I ship the candles with a protective plastic covering over the top to keep the ingredients in place. They are ready to burn as soon as you remove the covering. Cost: $20.00 plus shipping to mail candle directly to you. 

The other way to receive magical candle work is to have lights set for you. When setting lights I dress the specified 7 Day candle with natural, authentic, condition oils, powders, and herbs, among other items. These condition oils and powders are blended by me, so I know that they include all of the ingredients that have been traditionally used by root workers and magical practitioners. The dressed candle is then set upon a a written Spiritual Petition or Name Paper and photo, which have also been dressed with the appropriate oils and herbs. Depending on the type of Candle, I recite prayers, rituals, incantations, and/ or Psalms over the candle as it is lit. The candle is allowed to burn straight through, where it has been "set." Sometimes I employ the use of Magical Seals from the 6th and 7th Book of Moses, or other powerful amulets. The light is set on an appropriate altar in my home office. A Candle Divination is done based on the ancient art of ceromancy (divination by wax), and observation of the flame and candle glass. An interpretation of the outcome via Candle Divination is sent to you via email upon completion of the burn.  Cost: $25.00  for "setting lights". This includes a candle divination via email upon the completion of the candle burn. See "Setting Lights" page for this service.


Original Bewitchingbee

Root Working & Spell Casting Candles:

The Candles are listed in alphabetical order. To purchase candles please click on the Add to Cart button and select the candle name from the drop down list provided.


Bewitching glass vigil candle: purple wax

Use this candle for Seduction or for drawing Passion into a new or an old relationship. 

$20.00 + shipping



Bitch Be Gone! glass vigil candle: red wax

Use this candle to "Hot Foot" or Banish an unwanted, troublesome person in your life, to make them GO AWAY!  

$20.00 + shipping



Black Hawk 7 Day, glass vigil candle: red wax

Called "the Watcher on the Wall" this Native American Folk Saint provides Spiritual Protection and Justice when petitioned.

$20.00 + shipping



Blessing 7 Day, glass vigil candle: blue wax

Use for any of those times in life where a Blessing is needed or indicated! The Blessing Candle can be set after an annual cleansing, to bless a home or a business, or set this light to bless an individual, a new baby, or to bless a new beginning in your life. Use this candle to draw blessings down upon your loved ones or upon the person you know that is struggling and feeling down.

$20.00 + shipping



Boss Fix!  glass vigil candle: purple wax

For use when dealing with an unreasonable, or mean-spirited Boss, to either sweeten them to you, or, in the case of someone who is purposefully hurtful or demeaning, to employ an "Essence of Bend Over" by reversing their harm right back at them! (Their choice!)  

$20.00 + shipping



Come to Me glass vigil candle: red wax

Use this candle to draw a new love interest to you or to draw a loved one who has grown more distant back to you.

$20.00 + shipping



Court Case glass vigil candle: brown, orange, or purple wax

Burn before and during court appearances to influence the court and obtain justice

$20.00 + shipping



Crown of Success glass vigil candle: purple wax

Use this candle to enhance successful outcomes prior to occasions such as test taking, applying for a new job, launching a business, completing a project, beginning a new career, or participating in a competition

$20.00 + shipping



Fiery Wall of Protection glass vigil candle: red wax

Use this candle as an aid in matters of Spiritual and Psychic Protection. Use also as a petition to protect loved ones, soldiers, first responders, or for any case where spiritual protection is sought.

$20.00 + shipping



Healing  glass vigil candle: blue or white wax

Use this Reiki infused candle as an aid to healing body, mind, and spirit, and to comfort those who are sick, or for use as a channel of loving energy to aid the dying during their transition.

$20.00 + shipping



Intranquil Spirit glass vigil candle: red wax

Use this candle for spiritual aid in making a loved one return.  Is said to make one restless and wandering until they return.

$20.00 + shipping



Love Drawing glass vigil candle: red wax

Use this candle to draw and strengthen Love.  

$20.00 + shipping



Love Uncrossing glass vigil candle: white wax

For removing crossed conditions in love relationships. Use this candle as an aid to invite healing and cast off old hurts, harms, or any of the other things that could be crossing up you and a loved one. 

$20.00 + shipping



Lover Come Back  glass vigil candle: blue wax

Use this candle for reconciliation, healing love relationships. 

$20.00 + shipping



Money Drawing glass vigil candle: green wax

Use this candle to draw good luck in money matters. Also used in business matters & gambling luck

$20.00 + shipping



Pay Me! glass vigil candle: green or purple wax

Use this candle to compel the one who owes you money to make good on their debt to you and pay up now!

$20.00 + shipping



Peaceful Home glass vigil candle: blue wax

Use this candle to heal family rifts, for Blessing a Home, to balance and restore peaceful energy after cleansing a place of negative energy or low lying entities.

$20.00 + shipping



Prosperity glass novena candle: green wax

Use this candle to attract wealth but also to draw abundance into any area of life that you find lacking, whether it is health, wealth, love, or matters of business.

$20.00 + shipping



Reconciliation glass vigil candle: blue wax

Use this candle to foster reconciliation with a spouse, family member,  friend, or co-worker. Burn away resentments and past hurts while drawing in healing.

$20.00 + shipping



Road Opener glass vigil candle: orange or yellow wax

Used in "unblocking" spells or in "letting go" spells. Use this candle when you are feeling "stuck" or like you can't move forward due to too many current obstacles, or not being able to let go of past issues.

$20.00 + shipping



Spirit Releasement glass vigil candle: white wax

Spirit Releasement is a form of Exorcism. Use this candle in any situation where a spirit attachment of a person or a place is suspected, as an aid to move this spirit on it's way  

$20.00 + shipping



Uncrossing/ Hex Breaker glass novena candle: purple or white wax

Use this candle as an aid to remove Hexes, Curses, and Crossed Conditions.

$20.00 + shipping